When can I claim a lease credit of 16k$ to my business buyer

Asked on Oct 02nd, 2017 on Contracts - Florida
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I sold me business on July 2015, in the contract we wrote : A) seller is granting to buyer a provisional credit of $ 16,868.31 ("lease credit amount") to allow buyer to provide the additional 3 month security deposit in accordance with the provision of the lease governing the assignment of same B) upon expiration of the term of the lease of the premises, buyer will return the lease amount to seller. The term of the lease was September 30, 2017. The buyer used is first option of 5 years to continue. The term of the lease is passed. He says no, it is in 5 years. what can I do ? Thanks Herve
Answered on Oct 03rd, 2017 at 5:54 AM
You tell us......YOU played lawyer and drafted the sales agreement so YOU should know exactly what was agreed to, how the deal was structured, and who gets what when. Other than that  - you will simply need to spend the money to hire a lawyer and start to assess the damage you did and problems that may have been created with your self made contract. 
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