Pet shop sold sick dog

Asked on Feb 15th, 2017 on Contracts - New York
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I purchased a 2 month old puppy on 02/12/2017 and the puppy was hospitalized on 02/14/2017. The puppy was put on intravenous will be in the hospital for 4 to 7 days, according to the vet she has a bacterial infection. The puppy coughed at time of purchase but i was re assured that the puppy was in healthy condition. I am heart broken and devastated. This place caused me unbelievable pain and suffering and has put me in a very bad position. please let me know if i have a right to give back the puppy and get a full refund.
Answered on Feb 15th, 2017 at 7:49 PM
YES. Under the New York Pet Lemon Law, you can return or exchange the puppy for an equivalent replacement puppy, for a full refund AND reasonable veterinary fees, or you can keep the puppy AND get reimbursement for reasonable vet fees not to exceed the price of the puppy. But you must act FAST- you have 14 days from the time of purchase to get a vet to certify the puppy was not fit for purchase (and it sounds like you definitely can), and use a form that has the language thats found in NY Gen Bus Law sections 753 and 754. Once you do that, the pet store has 10 days to give you a refund, or you're free to take the pet store to court. You can take the pet store straight to court, too.
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