I need help fighting a car warranty company. I have been jumping through hoops for two months now and need help. Can't seem to find anyone to help.

Asked on Jun 07th, 2017 on Contracts - Florida
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I have been fighting along side with two great mechanics to get my car fixed. This has been going on two months right now.I have done everything my warranty company has asked me to do and of course everything I had to replace was not covered. The problem both mechanics are seeing is that I need a engine replacement due to fluid collecting in engine. I have proof of me maintaining my car and there trying to lay blame on me. I have all my paper work and both mechanics ready to fight on my behalf. We all have been mistreated and given the run around for way to long. I need someone to help me with my final attempt to get my car fixed. It has been a rough and trying few months due to having no car with kids and a sick aunt to take care of. I am ready to get this over with and fight for my rights as a consumer. This all started with my engine blowing a whole in my radiator while I was driving. Last oil change was 2 months before this happened.
Answered on Jun 08th, 2017 at 2:05 PM
You will simply need to retain a consumer lawyer to address such issues. We do handle such cases but NOT on a contingent fee, there would require payment of an hourly rate/retainer and seeking reimbursementin court if you prevail. 
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