Hired a professional painting company to paint exterior of house;I've not paid because the work is sub-standard work. Can they place a lean on home?

Asked on Sep 08th, 2017 on Contracts - North Carolina
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The paint company owner has not contacted me to let me know that the issues have been taken care of,(some have and some have not). He has left his card in my mail box when someone was at home and has not called me. I'm not sure what options I have to pay or not pay a contract that was not executed to my satisfaction? Need to know what steps to take?
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Answered on Sep 08th, 2017 at 10:30 AM
I'm not familiar with the laws of NC, but in general anybody who performs services on your home which improve its value can place a lien on it to secure payment.  if you don't reach an agreement with the ocntractor settling your dispute, and having the lien removed voluntarily, you can sue the contractor to have a court remove the lien.

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