CubeSmart Sold my Unit

Asked on Oct 06th, 2017 on Contracts - Florida
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I understand that cubesmart has the right to sell my unit for late payment however they did it after emailing that they were closed due to hurricane Irma beginning on Friday. We were without power, internet, and cell service until Tuesday night (I checked the location daily) and went in at 9 am Wednesday to learn my unit was sold on line Tuesday since payment wasn't received Monday. It was not possible
Answered on Oct 13th, 2017 at 5:32 AM
This sale of the storage unit contents didn't likely happen in 2 day - but was subject prior notices and cure opportunities where payment wasn't made. There is a procedure that the storage places must follow in regard to selling contents of storage units. If the contents were subtantial it may be worth spending some money to have a lawyer review the paperwork and situation to see IF anything can be done and then what. We do handle such cases and provide free consultatons to assist in retaining our office to help on such cases. You can call 1-800-922-6442. 
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