Contract breach for out of state vendor

Asked on Nov 21st, 2016 on Contracts - California
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I had a contract that was breached for non-payment on 10/31/16. Due to the breach, I did not perform the contract on 11/1/16. On 11/1/16, the vendor terminated the contract without the two week notice stipulated. Additionally, I want to sue the contact person at the company for negligence. He had duty to submit my invoice in a timely manner, he breached that duty with the causation and foreseeableness of loss of contract and future earnings with it. The company is globally headquartered in NY, but has enough contacts with California for jurisdiction. How can I sue them?
Answered on Dec 03rd, 2016 at 6:25 PM
You can file a lawsuit in California to sue a company headquartered in another state, so long as there is general or specific personal jurisdiction over that company.  Most likely, a California court will find personal jurisdiction over a global company.  You can sue them and then serve the corporation's agent for service of process.
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