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Can someone put a lein on your house if it was a verbal contract through them and your parents?

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So what happened was that I booked a family dj for my wedding and my parents and him were doing the money transaction. I knew nothing about how much the dj was going to charge. Just that my mother was going to take care of the bill. Now since we cancelled the wedding he didn't get paid and wants me (the almost bride) to pay or he will put a lein on my house. The thing is it was a verbal agreement between my mother, sister and him. I was not involved in payment at all. Can he still do this?
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Answered on Apr 23rd, 2017 at 11:33 AM

If you have no contract with him - he cannot sue you let alone put a lien on your house. Threatening to do so is a vioalton of Fla. Stat. 559. and he could be sued for damages. 

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Most people and business enter into contracts on almost a daily basis. Simply put, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties. One party makes an offer to do something in exchange for "consideration," or payment, and the other party accepts that offer. Contacts can be verbal, in writing or even implied. Some contracts--such as signed credit card receipts--are very simple. Others--such as those used to buy or sell real estate--are far more complicated. If you are entering into a complex transaction, it pays to hire a contract law attorney as early as possible in the process. Your lawyer can help negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement, then draft the contract or review the contract that has been presented to you. Law firms with experience in contract law can also defend you if you or your company has been accused of breaching a contract, or if you need assistance enforcing a existing contract.
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