Can I do anything about this breeder?

Asked on Feb 22nd, 2017 on Contracts - Florida
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I bought a $2k 11 week old german shepherd AKC puppy from a breeder four days ago and signed a contract. The contract states that I return the puppy if I cannot take care of it, I cannot breed this puppy, nor can I fix them before they are 24 months. She claims that I broke the contract for letting the puppy stay at a friend's home for an extended period of time while I was moving (and didn't want to hurt or stress the puppy) and showed up at my friend's house and took the puppy back. She says that I need to take the AKC papers back and that I can have my money back but I don't believe that she'll give me the $1800 (minus the $200 non refundable deposit) back and will only give back part of it. She has already threatened court for this puppy although I have given her no reason to do so or even be hostile since I haven't broken contract. None of her 35 dogs (not including puppies) has rabies tags either. Is ther anything I can do?
Answered on Feb 22nd, 2017 at 11:06 AM
Whether you broke the contract or not revolves around the contract. Your leaving the puppy somewhere "for en extended period of time" and the way you vaguely chraracterize that - as opposed to "2 weeks" or whatever time frame, is a cuase for concern and will all have to be assessed. You will need to hire a lawyer but that will likely cost you equal to or more than the dog itslef. 
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