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Can I delete a paragraph from a clause of an agreement for services that I still do not sign?

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The company that was going to dry the water damage from the roof told me several times that I do not worry that the work was going to pay the insurance of my house with the claim and that this service company would never charge me, but when they went to My house does the work and the technician gives me an agreement that I have to sign with my wife giving legal power to my insurance company to pay them the job, but in a paragraph says that in case the insurance company refuses to pay them the I would have to pay the entire bill myself. I still have not signed the document, I really do not know what I can do please help me they will come this Monday night to collect everything and the signed contract. Questions: can I cross out the paragraph that says I have to pay? Or delete and print without that paragraph the agreement again without saying anything to them and give the technician? Or I refuse to sign and I ask them to send new agreement without that paragraph, only my insurance paid?
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Answered on Apr 10th, 2017 at 9:33 AM

You can cross out anything you want prior to reaching agreeement, but of course the company may refuse to do the work if you won't agree to that clause,which I think is pretty standard.  For example, whenever you go to a doctor, you sign a form that says that if your health insurer refused to pay all or part of the bill, you will be responsible to pay it.  In order better to protect yourself, I suggest that  you get your insurer to sign off on the contractor and the scope of work. in writing, before you sign any contract.   

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