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You (if you were also party tot he contract, otherwise only your husband) could take this guy to court because anybody can sue anybody for anything, but you may be barred from claiming that you had an ...Read more

No, unless the date was somehow material to the contract, for example if you were too young to sign the contract on May 23, but were of age as of May 24, or if the contract gave them 2 weeks to move o ...Read more

Assuming that you have no basis to invalidate the contract, i.e. you were of legal age, competent, not defrauded or coerced, etc., the only way to get out of your obligation is with the consent of the ...Read more

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Understanding Whats in The Contract Boilerplate

Understanding What’s in the Contract Boilerplate   In the age of the word processor, most contracts are assembled from forms or using a contract one of the parties has used before.  Ve ... Read more

Have I Formed a Contract?

Have I Formed a Contract? What must happen to form a contract? Like the NFL’s catch rule, it’s not always clear. Most of us enter into contracts on a regular basis. We buy and sell goods a ... Read more


Massachusetts, as well as other jurisdictions, have allowed emails to form the basis of a binding contract. Email has become the primary means of communication from business to business because of it ... Read more

Lawmakers to look at criminal prosecution re debt to rent to own companies

Usually, when an individual has a payment dispute with a business, the matter is ultimately settled in a civil court. However, because of an obscure law passed decades ago, rent-to-own companies in Te ... Read more

The Gypsy Brewers: Contract or Alternating Proprietorship?

It’s an exciting time for craft beer in Texas, and the industry is growing like wildfire. One of the benefits of being a brewer in Texas is that new laws regarding gypsy brewing have opened the ... Read more

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