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Can't have cake and eat it too as at this point in time the world does not recognize "shakin up" as an actual marriage short of  legally recognized common law marriage. Common law marriage is not ...Read more

I would think that the date would be controlling and you should have a good claim against them for any damages you incur as a result of their breach of the contract.  However, it's possible that ...Read more

In theory if the accept the payment - without later rejecting and returning it, in theory it should count as payment made. 

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Guidelines for Protecting Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is business information that has independent economic value from not being disclosed to competitive businesses or the general public. Also called trade secrets, it can include ... Read more

What happens if you used your automobile as collateral and it was totaled?

Q: I took out a loan with One Main Financial with my automobile as collateral. They take the payment out of my account once a month. All payments have been on time. I was driving my vehicle and the ax ... Read more

Small Business Services – Writing Contracts

Small businesses owners have to be nimble, responsive and aware of all of the legal issues as they operate their firms. With seemingly infinite government regulations, companies must be prepared to tu ... Read more

Buyers: Make Sure You’re Getting What You Bargained For

Businesses often buy equipment, supplies, and other materials on a contract basis. The contract itself often is not standard, but instead, is written up to reflect the results of prior negotiations. I ... Read more

How A Corporate Attorney Can Help You Negotiate Master Service Agreements

Do you feel like you waste time developing new contracts for the same services, or worry that you’re exposing your business to risks because you have to negotiate agreements quickly in situation ... Read more

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