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This can be done but without actually hiring a lawyer is a huge waste of time becuase your BEST case scenario s simply spending inordinate amoutn of time to get your own money back and the landlord lo ...Read more

California is an at will employment state. You can be fired for no reason at all. 

You can not be released from liability to the lender unless the lender agrees to it.  No agreement between you and any buyer, without the lender, can affect the lender's rights.  The most su ...Read more

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Massachusetts, as well as other jurisdictions, have allowed emails to form the basis of a binding contract. Email has become the primary means of communication from business to business because of it ... Read more

Lawmakers to look at criminal prosecution re debt to rent to own companies

Usually, when an individual has a payment dispute with a business, the matter is ultimately settled in a civil court. However, because of an obscure law passed decades ago, rent-to-own companies in Te ... Read more

The Gypsy Brewers: Contract or Alternating Proprietorship?

It’s an exciting time for craft beer in Texas, and the industry is growing like wildfire. One of the benefits of being a brewer in Texas is that new laws regarding gypsy brewing have opened the ... Read more

Guidelines for Protecting Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is business information that has independent economic value from not being disclosed to competitive businesses or the general public. Also called trade secrets, it can include ... Read more

What happens if you used your automobile as collateral and it was totaled?

Q: I took out a loan with One Main Financial with my automobile as collateral. They take the payment out of my account once a month. All payments have been on time. I was driving my vehicle and the ax ... Read more

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