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What Are Abusive or Illegal Contracts?
Contracts are made all the time, and they're usually perfectly legal and everyone's happy. Sometimes, contracts aren't legal, and usually that means someone not only doesn't get what he wanted, but also gets a lot of legal problems he didn't want. Lady Gaga When Stefani Germanotta, who's better known ... READ MORE

What's Bartering?
  Bartering involves trading goods or services with someone else People have been bartering for thousands of years, and it's very popular today Knowing the rules of the trade and the tax issues involved are the keys to successful bartering   People have been bartering for years. In fact, you've probably ... READ MORE

Consumer Contracts: Mandatory Arbitration Clauses
Related Item Businesses scored a big legal win when the Supreme Court ruled arbitration agreements could limit class action lawsuits. The ruling affects businesses, consumers, and quite possibly, employees. A couple sued AT&T Mobility for fraud because their "free" cell phone offer required payment ... READ MORE

From Here to When? Contracts for the Future
“That wasn’t me, the production company just edited me that way.” If you’re a fan of reality TV shows such as “The Biggest Loser,” “Top Chef,” “The Amazing Race,” and so on, you’ve probably heard this phrase from at least one contestant. Just watching the show you might not know, ... READ MORE

Read, Then Sign: Contracts Can Come Back To Haunt
Has anyone ever slipped you a piece of paper, pointed to an X or dotted line, and then you scribble your signature without even thinking about it? Without even reading what you've signed? Don't worry, you're not alone. A lot of us have done it, but it's not a good thing to do. They're Everywhere Contracts ... READ MORE

Contract Interpretation
There are rules for interpreting written contracts when there is a dispute among the parties listed in the contract. The courts look to the intent of the parties at the time they entered into the contract. Intention The mutual intention of the parties at the time of the contract governs how the court ... READ MORE

Show Me the Money...Outrage over AIG Bonuses
  Update. In May 2010, the US Department of Justice won't file criminal charges against AIG or its executives AIG bailout totaled $150 billion of taxpayer money Bonuses paid to AIG employees were contractual obligations A breach of contract is a failure to fulfill a promise in a contract Under a clawback ... READ MORE

Assigning a Contract
Contracts can usually be "assigned" to another party, unless the terms of the contract prohibit assignment. When drafting a contract, consider when you want the parties to have the ability to assign their rights and obligations to a third party. ... READ MORE

Bailment: What It Means Under the Law
Bailment is the process of placing personal property or goods in the temporary custody or control of another. What are the legal obligations of being a bailee, and when should you give a bailee your property? ... READ MORE

Contesting a Contract
You've signed the contract--but are you really stuck with it? ... READ MORE


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You don't have to wait. Get a few estimates in writing and go ahead and hire someone to finish the job. If it's more than $3500, you can sue for damages, calculated as the cost to finish the job minus ...Read more

Whether right or wrong, the Judge ruled in favor of the traveler.  Other than paying the judgment, Your only option is to appeal the decision (assuming that htere is a right of appeal from a smal ...Read more

I don't think you have a good argument.  The important thing is that the agreement was signed, the date is unimportant, and even if it were important the attorney can prove it through his/her tes ...Read more

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Small Business Services – Writing Contracts

Small businesses owners have to be nimble, responsive and aware of all of the legal issues as they operate their firms. With seemingly infinite government regulations, companies must be prepared to tu ... Read more

Buyers: Make Sure You’re Getting What You Bargained For

Businesses often buy equipment, supplies, and other materials on a contract basis. The contract itself often is not standard, but instead, is written up to reflect the results of prior negotiations. I ... Read more

How A Corporate Attorney Can Help You Negotiate Master Service Agreements

Do you feel like you waste time developing new contracts for the same services, or worry that you’re exposing your business to risks because you have to negotiate agreements quickly in situation ... Read more

Signed, Sealed and Delivered – Documents in the Information Age

The world has been immersed in the Information Age (a/k/a the Digital Age) for decades now. By way of example, the Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act governing electronic contracts passed legis ... Read more

Vagueness Creates Conflicting Expectations for IT Service Provision

Small businesspeople who provide custom IT or other services regularly encounter situations in which their expectations do not match those of the customer. This is surprisingly common in industries su ... Read more

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