Breach of Contract

Dealing with people who fail to perform as promised is part of doing business. Most of your business activity is likely based on contracts between you ... read more
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What Are Abusive or Illegal Contracts?
Contracts are made all the time, and they're usually perfectly legal and everyone's happy. Sometimes, contracts aren't legal, and usually that means someone not only doesn't get what he wanted, but also gets a lot of legal problems he didn't want. Lady Gaga When Stefani Germanotta, who's better known ... Read more

Celebrity Legal News: Tiger Woods Risks Endorsements
Tales of Tiger Woods' extramarital affairs not only jeopardize his marriage, they potentially endanger his relationship with corporate sponsors. The sex scandal has several companies reevaluating advertising ties with the golf star. Woods is the latest in a string of sports celebrities to blow huge advertising ... Read more

Force Majeure: A Gulf Spill Ripple Effect?
An unanticipated ripple from the 2010 Gulf oil disaster may affect oil and energy companies across the globe. Second-thoughts on deepwater drilling have energy companies moving to other wells. But, such moves aren't always easy and are prompting claims of force majeure. Can't Move? In the wake of the ... Read more

One Lottery Ticket, Two Sisters and a Lawsuit
The following sounds like a typical law school contracts exam question: Two sisters enter a contract to split all gambling winnings between them. They have a falling out, and don't speak to each other for years. One day, one sister wins the lottery and the other sister demands her half. The lottery-winning ... Read more

Season Ticketholders Fumble and Return Tickets
Washington Redskins fans have fallen on hard times. With unemployment up and real estate down, many can no longer afford their football season tickets. Several fans asked the Redskins to let them out of multiyear season ticket contracts. The team refused and then sued to enforce the contracts. A Deal's ... Read more

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You can sue him in General Sessions Court (small claims court). Be sure that you take pictures to take to court to show the judge the problems.

If you voluntarily left, you really have no case.  You might be able to sue for some back rent, but it is unclear.

You must first send a demand letter, then you can sue in small claims court.  You can serve him in another state by hiring a process server.

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Business owner, vendor relationships: amity, yes, but disputes, too

In the world of business centrally marked by small and mid-sized enterprises, perhaps nothing is more fundamental and critically important than the relationship between owners and vendors/suppliers. W ... Read more

Federal Rule of Reason Applies to Commercial Noncompetes in Michigan

On July 14, 2016, the Michigan Supreme Court issued an important decision for Michigan noncompete jurisprudence.  It held that the reasonableness standard applied to employment noncompetes a ... Read more

Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Law: Holdover Tenancy and Eviction

“When a tenant holds over the landlord has a ‘choice of remedies.’  He [the landlord] might have looked upon the tenant as a trespasser and summarily ejected him, or he might ha ... Read more

Lawsuit presses Postal Service to pay interest on decades of death benefits

Lawsuit presses Postal Service to pay interest on decades of death benefits from The Washington Post ... Read more

Giants, Jets Suit Over Meadowlands Mall Project Dismissed

Giants, Jets Suit Over Meadowlands Mall Project Dismissed from Simon W. Johnson sw ... Read more

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