Contract Law determines when promises are enforceable. The fundamental requirements for forming a binding contract are an offer, acceptance and consideration. To be enforceable, a contract must be formed by competent parties, who give their consent, to a legal agreement.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) afford consumer contracts unique protections. Please read on to find a contract lawyer, contract attorney, or to access more information in our contract law practice center.

One reason to sue over a contract is when one party commits a breach of contract—stops doing, or fails to do, what the contract states should be done. Defenses that excuse a breach of contract include duress, fraud and misrepresentation, mistake, lack of consideration and the statute of frauds.

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You Must be Innocent in a Breach of Contract Claim
Most of your business activity is likely based on contracts between you and other parties, so broken contracts may form the majority of your legal woes. To bring a business lawsuit against another party for breaking a contract, you must be able to prove certain details about the arrangement.
Contract Damages
When most people sign a contract, they expect to honor the terms of the contract, and hope that the other party will do so as well. There are several kinds of contract remedies available to you if the other party breaches, or breaks, a contract. This article explains those options.
Contract Modification
When negotiating a contract, or after a contract has been signed, you may have reason to want to modify, or change, a contract. Find out how to modify a contract, either before it's been signed or after it's been signed.

Ask a Lawyer - Contracts Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Car Lease Transfer
I have a BMW lease that I want to get rid of. A buyer asked me if we could write a contract where he will assume all the costs but it will remain under my name. Is this something that can hold out in court if there is a negative outcome?
What kind of lawyers will work on a percentage/commission only?
real estate agent did not show us the offer to purchase our home and let it expire, when we would have accepted it as 'agreed to' (shook hands with the buyer-witness present) and agent did not contact us to meet for the offer, but then instead took buyer to another home to purchase. Agent told us it was too late for us, and one week later after asking numerous times, finally sent us the 'offer' via email (could have done that on the day the offer was sent to her) and WE saw that the offer was good for 48 hours! We still had over 24 hours to accept it had we been sent the offer on time! Now we will be stuck with 2 homes. Offer was for $125,000.00 Is this also something to go to the police? Fraud? collusion? Contract law? We went to the Real Estate board already but have to wait 3.5 weeks for them to meet as they meet once per month. We hope there is a lawyer that would take a percentage in the win, as we have all documented proof of this. We can not afford to hire (pay for) a lawyer.
can an agreement through text messaging be used in court if not fulfilled?
"Express written consent" question
Hi! I was recently let go at a job for signing a contract even though I was told to. Many people have suggested I get a lawyer but I disagree because in my contract with the job it said (and I failed to remember when I signed so this is definitely my fault), "___ shall not have the right to make any contracts or commitments for or on behalf of ___ without first obtaining the express written consent of ___". I did a little google searching and saw that if it was said out loud and there was a witness that it can make the line fuzzy. We have cameras throughout our office so I know that it was definitely on camera when it happened. I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do or if I even should.
What is the result? Would the result be different if Lone Star had tendered delivery at 8:00 am on t
Murphy contracts to purchase six cases of French champagne from Lone Star Liquors for $2,600. The contract states that delivery is to be made at the Murphy residence "on or before June 1, to be used for daughter's wedding reception on the afternoon of June 2. At 6:00 am on June 2, Murphy discovers the non-delivery. Feeling panicky, by 7:30 am Murphy had purchased the champagne from another dealer, paying a $500 premium for the lack of notice. That afternoon, just before the wedding reception, Lone Star tenders delivery of the champagne, ready to serve, at Murphy's residence. Murphy refuses tender, and Lone Star sues for breach of contract.
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