Contract Law determines when promises are enforceable. The fundamental requirements for forming a binding contract are an offer, acceptance and consideration. To be enforceable, a contract must be formed by competent parties, who give their consent, to a legal agreement.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) afford consumer contracts unique protections. Please read on to find a contract lawyer, contract attorney, or to access more information in our contract law practice center.

One reason to sue over a contract is when one party commits a breach of contract—stops doing, or fails to do, what the contract states should be done. Defenses that excuse a breach of contract include duress, fraud and misrepresentation, mistake, lack of consideration and the statute of frauds.

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You Must be Innocent in a Breach of Contract Claim
Most of your business activity is likely based on contracts between you and other parties, so broken contracts may form the majority of your legal woes. To bring a business lawsuit against another party for breaking a contract, you must be able to prove certain details about the arrangement.
Contract Damages
When most people sign a contract, they expect to honor the terms of the contract, and hope that the other party will do so as well. There are several kinds of contract remedies available to you if the other party breaches, or breaks, a contract. This article explains those options.
Contract Modification
When negotiating a contract, or after a contract has been signed, you may have reason to want to modify, or change, a contract. Find out how to modify a contract, either before it's been signed or after it's been signed.

Ask a Lawyer - Contracts Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Is there any way to get out of a 20 year solar system contract?
We are about to purchase a home with a solar system attached to the roof. The sellers want to transfer the now 19 year solar contract in our name. My husband does not want the solar system. It causes very high levels of dirty electricity and studies have connected it to serious health problems. Solarcity - the provider is saying that we cannot break the contract due to federal rebates Solarcity received and that the only way to have the system removed is to buyout the remainder of the contract of 19 years. Namely, $17,441. It just seems ridiculous that as a new homeowner we have no choice to back out of this contract. Any advice is appreciated.
how do I void a contract for mistake of fact?
I hired a public adjuster because he told me that once I get the insurance check I would be able to do with it as I wish. Repair, rebuild, pay off debts, etc. But after I got the check, my mortgage servicer said they keep the check and pay my licensed contractors directly and that no repairs can be made by me...even the installation of shower doors which do not require a contractor by law. After arguing with the adjuster about what is and isnt, they came out and said my servicer is different than the rest and that they are already having that problem with another client. From what ive read, this was mistake of fact and the contract is voidable because of it. How do I do this in miami dade florida?
Is it Legal to... EULA Agreements....
I am hosting a server on a game called Minecraft made by Mojang. There are agreements called the EULA regarding ingame Donations and in game purchases. I was wondering if I could add in in game commands for [Donators] . Is it legal? Please help. Link to EULA:
I made a contract on a house which was to be null and void should I not get approved for a mortgage.
I found a house and when I went to make an offer, there were already 2 offers so I offered $5000 over asking price. I was pre qualified for a conventional mortgage, however, when my offer was accepted and I put my official application in, it turned out my DTI ratio was too high and I was declined. I told my realtor what happened and that I could not get the house. He pressured me into applying for an FHA loan which I never intended on doing but I did, and again, got preapproved. When my realtor let the seller know the situation, they said they would only accept if I would agree to pay any and all repairs that the FHA inspector found. I did not agree to this, so I terminated the contract which my realtor said I had the right to do because of the section that said if you apply for [convenional] financing and get denied within 40 days of this contract, it is null and void and the deposit ($1500) will be returned to the buyer. The seller now wants to sue me for the deposit. What can I do?
How much is the max apr% a auto title loan company can charge on a loan under 1000$
I currently have an auto title loan borrowed the amount of 600$ the term paperwork clearly states I am paying 65.7%Apr on the loan. Is this legal. Currently, I have been paying 270$ a month on a 600$ loan.
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