Contract Law determines when promises are enforceable. The fundamental requirements for forming a binding contract are an offer, acceptance and consideration. To be enforceable, a contract must be formed by competent parties, who give their consent, to a legal agreement.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) afford consumer contracts unique protections. Please read on to find a contract lawyer, contract attorney, or to access more information in our contract law practice center.

One reason to sue over a contract is when one party commits a breach of contract—stops doing, or fails to do, what the contract states should be done. Defenses that excuse a breach of contract include duress, fraud and misrepresentation, mistake, lack of consideration and the statute of frauds.

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You Must be Innocent in a Breach of Contract Claim
Most of your business activity is likely based on contracts between you and other parties, so broken contracts may form the majority of your legal woes. To bring a business lawsuit against another party for breaking a contract, you must be able to prove certain details about the arrangement.
Contract Damages
When most people sign a contract, they expect to honor the terms of the contract, and hope that the other party will do so as well. There are several kinds of contract remedies available to you if the other party breaches, or breaks, a contract. This article explains those options.
Contract Modification
When negotiating a contract, or after a contract has been signed, you may have reason to want to modify, or change, a contract. Find out how to modify a contract, either before it's been signed or after it's been signed.

Ask a Lawyer - Contracts Law questions answered by leading lawyers
I just moved out of my friends house where I was their for 54 days! I was asked to give them 230 a m
Now that I moved out they are saying I owe them 700 and wants me to pay 100 a week for 7 weeks! I don't owe them anything if it wasn't for me they would of been evicted ! Thy want me to sign a contract saying I'll pay what do I do?
Can spouses legally agree have disposal rights to shared property?
My wife and I were married and live in NJ. We want to buy a rental property in Ohio into which we might eventually move. I would like to have the right to sell the property in the case that it is not renting for sufficient income. Can we, as spouses make a contract granting disposal rights to one of us? Which state's laws apply? No divorce is involved.
in business lease protected to confidentiality on its content.
management has shared my content of my lease agreement with other officials and tenants in the building which I have had to approach over a building issue of not venting a business and causing me to become very ill from toxic chemicals which they manufacture in there business. My question is are business leases protected for confidentiallity or they allowed to be discussed with other goverment officials without my approval of releasing this information.
Paralegal Liability
I retained an attorney who had a paralegal under him do most of the work on the case. In the course of that work the paralegal convinced me to loan him some money and then he'd do a better job on the case. Eventually he defaulted on the promissory note. Is the loan (borrowing from a client) a conflict of interest? Is the attorney liable for this, his paralegal's wrong?
Am I allowed to teach music privately to the students I taught music to through a company?
Below is the part of the contract I signed that I believe restricts me from teaching music privately. 5. Conflicts of Interest; Non-hire Provision; Non-Compete.For the duration of the employment period and for a period of three years following any termination, the Employee shall not, directly or indirectly hire, solicit, accept solicitation from, or encourage to leave (Company Name) students, any employee, consultant, or contractor of (Company Name) or hire any such employee, consultant, or contractor who has left (Company Name) employment or contractual engagement.
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