Contract Law determines when promises are enforceable. The fundamental requirements for forming a binding contract are an offer, acceptance and consideration. To be enforceable, a contract must be formed by competent parties, who give their consent, to a legal agreement.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) afford consumer contracts unique protections. Please read on to find a contract lawyer, contract attorney, or to access more information in our contract law practice center.

One reason to sue over a contract is when one party commits a breach of contract—stops doing, or fails to do, what the contract states should be done. Defenses that excuse a breach of contract include duress, fraud and misrepresentation, mistake, lack of consideration and the statute of frauds.

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You Must be Innocent in a Breach of Contract Claim
Most of your business activity is likely based on contracts between you and other parties, so broken contracts may form the majority of your legal woes. To bring a business lawsuit against another party for breaking a contract, you must be able to prove certain details about the arrangement.
Contract Damages
When most people sign a contract, they expect to honor the terms of the contract, and hope that the other party will do so as well. There are several kinds of contract remedies available to you if the other party breaches, or breaks, a contract. This article explains those options.
Contract Modification
When negotiating a contract, or after a contract has been signed, you may have reason to want to modify, or change, a contract. Find out how to modify a contract, either before it's been signed or after it's been signed.

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Child Age 17 signed contract with modeling agency & desires to be released from her contract. Can s
She feels cheated and scammed
is a unsigned lease agreement binding?
I bought a car in 2013 with a small leasing company, they sold my contract to a new company and I haven't had any paperwork drawn up with the new company for a lease agreement. If they only have they paperwork from my old lease company is that binding with the old company or do they have to have a new lease drawn and my signature on it with their company name? Which is lease is binding for my lease on my vehicle?
What should I do about a canceled contract/promise?
We booked with a company for a DJ service. They ended up canceling our contract and said they would refund us the money we paid. Since then they have ignored emails & calls. We reported them to the BBB with no answer from them. We aren't sure what to do next.
Promissory Note
If I issued a promisory note to someone, and while paying off that note (per the terms of the note) and the person who loaned the money on the note passes away, does the obligation remain to pay the note to the estate, does the obligation survive the death of the recipient?
i have a question about subpoena
Hello. I have a hearing coming up that I need my psychiatrist to testify in. I have told her the date and her response was that she had to check. This psychiatrist is planning on moving yet she hasn't given me a date. All she has said is she knows she will be in MY state still when the court is having the hearing. It has been a few weeks now and she has not returned my phone calls or answered letters. My question is how long does it take ,on average, to draw up and deliver a subpoena so in my case, my psychiatrist has to be in the court to testify in my behalf? I would rather not send her one because she is being my witness. However, she is a very important part. So I do want to give her as much time to get back to me but I don't want to be out of the option of serving her if she is trying to avoid me for some reason.
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