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You don't. YOu simply would review the contract terms for termination requirements and tell them you have changed your mind. You will STILL owe what you owe for legal fees as "changing your mind" is g ...Read more

If you have no contract with him - he cannot sue you let alone put a lien on your house. Threatening to do so is a vioalton of Fla. Stat. 559. and he could be sued for damages. 

That depends.  Was the information material?  A failure to disclose unimportant information is not fraud, and will not invalidate the contract.  If the person selling you a car failed t ...Read more

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Signed, Sealed and Delivered – Documents in the Information Age

The world has been immersed in the Information Age (a/k/a the Digital Age) for decades now. By way of example, the Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act governing electronic contracts passed legis ... Read more

Vagueness Creates Conflicting Expectations for IT Service Provision

Small businesspeople who provide custom IT or other services regularly encounter situations in which their expectations do not match those of the customer. This is surprisingly common in industries su ... Read more

Area you Covered by a “Sufficiently Specific” Indemnity Clause?

By Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC of Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. In a recent Rhode Island Superior Court case, the court once again addressed the ques ... Read more

The key importance of legal counsel’s input on contracts

Conflict down the road. We reference those terms and that obviously undesired outcome on a page of our website discussing contracts in the business world. In fact, we talk a lot about contracts on our ... Read more

Using Standard Form Contracts May Hurt Your Business

When putting together a contract for the first time, many business owners may turn to standard form contracts to make agreements between customers, vendors, and other businesses. Calling these contrac ... Read more

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