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You Must be Innocent in a Breach of...

Dealing with people who fail to perform as promised is part of doing business. Most of your business activity is likely based on contracts between you and oth...Read more

General Contract for Services GCS O...

Create your free General Contract for Services document.'s free General Contract for Services template is a generic form to use in any business contrac...Read more

Assigning a Contract

When you make a contract, one thing to consider is whether you'd like the right to assign it to someone else. You should also consider whether you'd be happy if the ...Read more

Breach of Contract

Contract Damages

When most people sign a contract, they expect to honor the terms of the contract. They hope that the other party will do so as well. There are several kinds of contract remedies available to you if the other party breaches (breaks) a contract.Specific PerformanceWhen a court orders the party that broke the contract to perform his or her obligations as agreed in the contract, this is known as ... Read More

Contracts Basics


Bailment is the process of placing personal property or goods in the temporary custody or control of another. The custodian or holder of the property, who's responsible for the safe keeping and return of the property, is know as the bailee. The person who delivers or transfers the property to the bailee is known as the bailor. For a bailment to be valid, the bailee must have actual physi... Read More

Additional Contracts Topics

Additional Contracts Topics