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I'm not sure form what you've written what you question would be.  Many contracts have an automatic renewal provision that will allow for an older contract to be remewed unless one party says not ...Read more

The particulars vary by jurisdiction, but interest is generally awarded on any set amount of a debt as a direct and forseeable element of damage.  The idea is that if you hadn't breached the cont ...Read more

Probably, but MOST photographers have written waivers for any pictures taken for a variety of reasons which will dictate the use of them and your rights.

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Parking garage lost my keys. Can I file suit?

Q: Can I sue a garage for losing the keys to my car they are refusing to pay for new ones and I have no spare? A: The garage owed you a duty under bailment law. This was an implied contract to ma ... Read more

Legal Loopholes Limit Massachusetts Workers Rights

Under both federal andMassachusetts labor rules and regulations, employees have the right to sue their employers for violations of the law including hourly wage disputes, discrimination, sexual hara ... Read more

Education Law Blog Ben Light Callagy Law Share Button TwitterFacebookGoogle PlusPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditDeliciousEmail A closer look into the world of education law. The followi

Original Post: The Effect of the 2012 Amendment The following article was writte ... Read more

Berliner Testament featuring remarriage clause

It is possible for children who are appointed as final heirs in a Berliner Testament (Berlin will) to ultimately come away empty-handed. To afford the children greater protection, a so-called Wiederve ... Read more

Disclosure of Interested Parties Under HB 1295

As part of a push for additional “transparency” in government, the Legislature came up with a “Disclosure of Interested Parties” law. Enacted as part of HB 1295 and now codi ... Read more

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