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It's very difficult to answer this question without knowing the facts, but generally only parties to a contract can enforce it or seek damages for its breach.  An exception would be if you were w ...Read more

Unfortunately, your subjective desire not to be bothered when you may owe people money takes a back seat to the legal liabilities of the contracts you signed. Depending no how much the chargebacks are ...Read more

You can be sued (anybody can be sued for anything at any time), but it is likely that you could get the case dismissed as barred by limitations.  Although I'm aware of no statute of limitations f ...Read more

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The key importance of legal counsel’s input on contracts

Conflict down the road. We reference those terms and that obviously undesired outcome on a page of our website discussing contracts in the business world. In fact, we talk a lot about contracts on our ... Read more

Using Standard Form Contracts May Hurt Your Business

When putting together a contract for the first time, many business owners may turn to standard form contracts to make agreements between customers, vendors, and other businesses. Calling these contrac ... Read more

Philadelphia Employment Lawyers: Male Employee Sues Yahoo for Sexism

A former editor at Yahoo has filed a lawsuit alleging that female managers discriminated against male employees in both their hiring and termination practices. According to the plaintiff, the tech-gia ... Read more

Philadelphia Physician Employment Contract Lawyer: Restrictive Covenants and Public Policy

Although post-employment restrictive covenants (“Non-Compete Agreements”) are not per se unenforceable, they are not favored in Pennsylvania and have been historically viewed as a trade re ... Read more


On Tuesday the Court of Special Appeals issued an opinion in the case of Fisher v. Ward. This case is the latest in a long line of cases limiting the ability of owners facing foreclosure to challenge ... Read more

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